Corporate Events

Want to impress your staff and be the talk of the department / office?

Hiring a ‘Kooky Booth’ is a sure winner for any corporate event with no hassle or effort required by you!

We will take care of everything for you. Our booth will be set up prior to your guests arriving, we’ll be waiting with a huge prop box to suit every style of humour! If there is a specific theme in mind, then please feel free to discuss it with us and we’ll see what we can do!

Your booth attendant will encourage the more reserved guests into the booths…. Trust us… it takes people just seconds to get warmed up and into the Kooky groove!

The Kooky Booth sure brings out the child in all of us and your guests will have an absolute hoot and will be talking about your event for years to come and what an excellent impression you will have made!

The green screen option will allow your guests to have the background of your choice. This could of course be your company logo, or maybe a paradise beach in the distance….maybe they’ve deserved it after a great successful year?

Each photograph printed can also be printed with your company logo if required, or even a reminder of the evening such as ‘Kooky Booths Xmas Party, Buckingham Palace, 25th Dec 2013, or ‘’Congratulations on such a great year, thanks for all your help’!

The choice is yours!

We can also offer a customised skin for our booths if required. Please call us to discuss if you feel that this is an option you’d like to review.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!